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I'm please to be hosting the wonderful BRANDICE SNOWDEN on my blog today for this SIZZLING SUMMER EVENT!! I hope you all take the time to read about Brandice and her book Demon's Veil. With out further ado... Demon's Veil by Brandice Snowden:

Title: Demon's Veil
Author: Brandice Snowden
Release date: July 15th 2013
Published by: Curiosity Quills Press

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Book Descriptions: 
Powerful veils hold Earth apart from realms mortals believe are merely tales of myth and legend. They are opening again, leaving humans vulnerable, and the monsters ready to strike.

Marie Leveau prefers to remain alone and anonymous, for she knows what goes bump in the night, and sacrificing others isn't part of her personality. But life isn’t always about getting what you want.

Contracted by The Organization, a shadow government agency, Marie is assigned a new Special Ops team, one she must introduce via Paranormal 101 to the very monsters they didn’t believe existed. Marie and her team are sent to Asia in search of an ancient relic, leading them into the jungle and tests of a fragile new bond. Despite the initial distrust, and an unholy battle with a demon-god, the team survives, their lives forever changed and woven into an unbreakable tapestry.
Returning home, the new friends sense the very people responsible for their safety are willing to sacrifice them all in the name of power.

They learn of a prophecy, and The Paladin, the one person able to close the veils and keep the mortals safe.

With few clues, the team must unravel the prophecy and figure out how to close the veils. Or the monsters will use Earth as ground zero, innocents be damned.

Adult Urban Fantasy: Intended for readers 17 years of age and older.

“Hello, Marie,” the figure seated in front of a bank of monitors spoke with a deep resonating voice. “I’ve been expecting you … And look, you’ve brought me company.” The figured turned and both Delgado and Johnson audibly gasped. He was beautiful, so beautiful they might have thought him a woman had it not been for the voice.
“Hello, Keiron.” Marie smiled at him and for once, her smile actually made it to her eyes. A casual observer might believe her taken with his good looks. But those who knew Marie understood she truly cared about those she considered friends, and the strange man was counted among that number. “Let me introduce you to some friends.”
Keiron raised his eyes to the two men standing behind Marie, and despite his inhuman beauty, it wasn’t until the men saw his direct gaze the thought of Keiron not being human crossed their minds. His eyes were still beautiful, large, with a slightly Asian tilt to the outside of the eye, but they were unearthly in composition; the color of amethyst and almost seemed to glow. His pupils were slightly off, giving an almost reptilian feeling, like being stared at by a poisonous viper. Fearing what his voice would sound like Johnson just nodded his greeting.
Delgado was less subtle, his eyes shifting between Marie and the stranger. Marie reached out and dragged Keiron from his seat, forcing him into the circle of humanity.
“Keiron, this is Johnson and Delgado. They are good men. Guys, this is my friend.” Keiron looked surprised for just a flash at being called her friend. “He is the best when it comes to sniffing out information; there isn’t a system out there that he can’t get around,” she smiled, proud of her friend’s abilities.
“So he’s a hacker.”
“I prefer the term information specialist,” Keiron smiled and it nearly took Johnson’s breath away. God, he’d never been attracted to a man before; why now? His discomfort made him answer more sharply than he intended.
“I don’t like breaking the law, but I am pragmatic enough to understand it might be necessary to save our skins.” He turned to Marie, “I told you I would let you know when I had doubts about you. Well, I have doubts.” Ignoring Keiron he spoke only to Marie, “You’re hiding something about this guy, something is very off here.”
A little surprised at Johnson’s rudeness, Marie turned her gaze toward Keiron, a silent plea for forgiveness.
“Johnson, is it? This is not Marie’s secret to tell, so address your concerns to me. And please, in the future, don’t take your homophobic fears out on my guests.”
Johnson sputtered, trying to come up with a convincing denial for his outburst. But the fact of the matter was he couldn’t find one, and he sullenly turned his attention towards Keiron. Delgado tried unsuccessfully to stifle a giggle and was punched in the arm by Johnson.
“You’re not human, are you?”
“Well, not entirely anyway.”
“Can you read our minds?”
“Not exactly. I feel your emotions, and if I concentrate, I can see the color of your thoughts. But there are times when people project so strongly what is going on in their heads that I am surprised anyone misses it. Just now your distress at your thoughts was palatable and since I have engendered that reaction before, it was simple to deduce what distressed you. In fact, I find Delgado’s reaction to me more interesting.” Keiron turned alien eyes on Delgado. “You must love her very much.”
“Love who?” Marie asked the question.
“I am assuming it is his wife.”
“It is,” answered Delgado.
“Why would his love for his wife be interesting?”
“You are new to this world outside of what humanity perceives as reality, aren’t you?” Johnson nodded. “What do you know of the Fey?”
“Only what I have heard in old folk tales.”
“Kernels of truth buried in mountains of fluff.”
“My mother was human. My father was Fey, one that crossed into this realm over the last few hundred years. There are reasons poems such as ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ exists. The Fey are beautiful, but more than that, they secrete a pheromone that attracts those around them almost without fail.”
“True love, soul mates, whatever you want to call it. Those few who have the connection that transcends the mental and physical realms to lay in the spiritual are immune to our pheromone. Don’t ask me why. I find the fact that Delgado is immune to me interesting because in my many years of existence, I had never met anyone who truly had that kind of connection. You are very blessed, Delgado.”
“So how do we know we can trust you? All we have is Marie’s word that you are on her side. Maybe you are working your hocus pocus on her.”
“It could be possible, I won’t lie about that. But, I assure you, it’s not. Marie sees the truth about me. It is one of her many gifts. I can’t influence the truth, only illusion. If it is any consolation, Johnson, the longer you are around me, the less you will be affected.”
Marie laid a hand on Johnson’s arm, “We need him; otherwise we are going into the fray blind. You have already experienced the director’s penchant for not giving his teams all of the information they need. I don’t want to lose lives because the director decided to play games.”
Still tense, Johnson forced himself to look at the situation logically. “All right.”
“One more thing,” Keiron looked at both of the men, “You can’t tell anyone I exist. I prefer not to be dissected in the name of science.”

About the Author

I grew up around the tall tales and history of Texas. I worked my way through college just because I was told it was out of my reach; earning a degree in Literary Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas. Along the way I learned to shoot, wield a sword and even met a family ghost or two.

I have been an artist, teacher, military wife, mother and now novelist. I spend my free time indulging in my fantastical side, learning first hand skills my characters use in my books. I have a passion for history and mythology and use much of what I learn to create new worlds.

I currently resides on the Texas/Oklahoma border with the love of my life and my children of both two legged and four legged variety.

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