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Release Date: June 3rd
Where to buy: Amazon

Book Description:
When 17-year-old Sasha orders her latte at a local caf√©, she hardly expects to get robbed. Strangely, the men don’t want money from the register. Instead they are interested in the necklace she is wearing that her mother gave her years ago.

Sasha can’t understand why the men would want the worthless piece of stained glass that hangs around her neck from a leather cord. It’s not worth anything or is it? She comes to realize not all value is measured in dollars and cents. 
This is the night she meets Evan, who saves her life by distracting the robbers as the couple dodge flying bullets. It takes days for Sasha to acknowledge that her burgeoning magic abilities helped keep them safe. She’s adamant in keeping that secret from Evan. She doesn’t want him to know she’s a freak.
Cursed is a thrilling romantic and exhilarating read. Monica Wolfson takes readers to a fantasy world they won’t want to leave.

About the Author

I am a suburban Detroit-based mom, wife, runner and occasional mountain biker. 
Things I love:
My watch (have you noticed no one under 30 wears one anymore?)
Homegrown Schwinn bicycle (super lightweight, they don't make them anymore)
Books (I mostly read YA with a twist, thrillers and some fantasy like George R.R. Martin)
TV (There are two Buffy The Vampire Slayer references in Cursed (June 2013) and Evolution (August 2013))

If you have read my books, thank you. If you are thinking about reading my books, thank you. 

I don't consider myself a writer. As a newspaper reporter for the past 15 years, I find writing the hardest part of my job. It's grueling. I'm not a wordsmith. 
But I subject myself to the torture because I have stories to tell. So thank you for putting up with me.

Where to find her:

* I received an ARC from Monica herself. These thoughts are my own and I do not get paid to review*

Let me start of by saying I'm usually not a third person narrative kind of person. I find it hard to connect more to the story. Although this is not the case for Cursed. Cursed is in third person and I found that it was easy to connect with the characters. Cursed is a fun, fast, easy read, that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The story follow a girl, Sasha, who was Cursed to die, by her own grandmother. Kind of sucks right? Who wants to die? Well certainly not Sasha. One day, actually the same day she meet the charming and handsome,  Evan, at a coffee shop. There is a robbery and they want something of hers..not thinking twice Evan saves her and in return she save him too. That's when she discovers that a reoccurring glow that illuminates from her hand had saved them both. She isn't sure what it is but she wont rest until she finds the answers. She feels her mother knows more than she says she does, since it was her mother who gave her the necklace around her neck, the same necklace the bad guys tried to take off of her.

Throughout the story Sasha pieces her story together little by little and with the help of Evan they try to break the death bound curse. Sasha finds out her mother is from a different world filled with magic. Which means Sasha has some form of powers. With much success Evan breaks the curse and saves Sasha. But their story is far from over...The queens is still alive and she still wants Sasha dead.

All in All I really enjoyed Cursed. I do wish there was a little more time with the romance between the main characters but I really like them together. Together they make the story complete. I really am dying to find out what happens next. Can't wait for book #2!! If you want a fast, fun, easy read filled with magic, fantasy and love this is the book for you! I would recommend this to any YA Fans! 

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