Sunday, August 25, 2013


Okay okay I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED!! I'm teaming up with some lovely ladies...Christy's from Christy's Book Addiction and Rain from Rain's Reading bring you a Totally Awesome blog hop/giveaway/challenge extravaganza!

Eek so excited, I already have my post in mind and a giveaway at the ready!
So down below is all the deets and the linky to sign up! We would love for you all to sign up if you can..or follow along, enter the giveaways and complete the challenge! Please sure to Share share share! 

The Details
This carnival will consist of fun challenges and giveaways.
You can post any day between October 11 - 14
Your challenge and giveaway (If you post one) can be anything you want as long as you spotlight at least 1 book, character or author in your post.
You don't have to have a giveaway or be from the South to participate.
Want to join the fun? Grab one of the buttons to post on your blog and link up below! 
Need help finding books set in the South?
Southern Book Bloggers has a great list HERE
Have any questions?
 Leave me a comment or email Christy, Rain or Brenna.

Here is the linky...
Help Share!! Grab the button

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