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{{3T}} [Spotlight] LITTLE RED GEM by D.L. RICHARDSON

Title: Little Red Gem
Author: D L Richardson
Genre: YA paranormal romance
Release: October 25, 2013
Format: ebook and print

Love can make you do crazy things as Ruby Parker discovers when she dies and returns from the grave to unearth how much Leo Culver loved her. Would he have put his career ahead of her? Would he have left her a single mother? With the aid of bad advice of a ghost who is trapped by a curse, a little bit of magic courtesy of her unsuspecting half-sister, and a televised music talent show coming to town to hold auditions, Ruby Parker makes more of a mess in death than she ever did in life. Can she fix everything before it’s too late? Or will she spend eternity as a ghost, haunted by the unknown depths of love? Either way, one thing Ruby learns is that while love can make you do crazy things, it can also make you do amazing things too.

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About the Author

Music first captured the creative interest of young adult author D L Richardson. From choir, to her first acoustic guitar at age ten, to singing with the school band and performed in main roles in two school musicals. When she left school she helped form her own rock band where she sang lead vocals, played bass guitar, and wrote all the lyrics. At age 26 she sold her equipment and focused on writing instead. 

She lives in Australia on the NSW South Coast with her husband and dog. When she's not writing or reading she can be found playing her piano or guitars, renovating the house, or walking the dog.

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  1. Thank you Brenna for this book blast. I hope you get a chance to read it one day. It was so much fun to write. Sort of a bit of flashback for me into a world I used to belong to.
    D L xox


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