Saturday, October 12, 2013

SOUTHERN BOOK CARNIVAL- Part 2 ( Day 2) + Added entries to GIVEAWAY!!

Day 2 of the Carnival..Part 2 of my GIVEAWAY!! Since BEAUTIFUL WHISPER is based in Virginia I thought I would stick with the theme of 'Virginia' States..So in this next book or rather series is based in West Virginia. In this series there is a very sexy alien who has to stay away from a cute kitten because he is to dangerous..but of course cant manage to stay away... Any Guesses to what series I might be talking about??

If you guessed the LUX series by JENNIFER ARMENTROUT... you are correct-o-mundo!
This is one of my absolute favorite series. If you haven't picked it up yet..You are for sure missing out!!

Books in the series:

Book #5 : OPPOSITION ( no cover yet)

These Books are truly Amazing- Pictures are linked to GoodReads.

Remember to enter the Giveaway down below- If you missed Part 1 ( which explains the giveaway) You can find it HERE

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(**Plus I'm giving away a SIGNED paperback of James Clyde and the Diamond of Orchestra--Find it HERE **)

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  1. HAHA, I'm featuring the same series today :) I guess great minds think alike!

    1. Haha I guess..I'm sorry I should have asked you what books you were doing!


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