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Title: Dreamer
Author: Nicole Thomas
Published: October 28th 2013

Someone is using Anna’s dreams as a weapon, and so far, they’ve gotten away with murder. Anna isn’t quite sure why those closest to her die when she dreams, but it’s enough to turn this teenager off REM sleep and relationships for good. She has more than enough blood on her hands without boys crushing on her and getting buried six feet underground as a result.

As of right now, Anna’s plan to avoid relationships with anyone outside her family has gone off without a hitch. And if it weren’t for her classmate, Liam, she would’ve continued to do so. Liam’s successfully flown under her social radar, and if he wants to avoid having his obituary in the local newspaper, he'd keep it that way. But when he confides in Anna and tells her he has dreams as well, he becomes an exception to the rule.

Okay, so his dreams might not be as dangerous, but it turns out his mother's were. Liam's mom is missing. His mom just turned eighteen when she fell completely off the grid, and Anna could be next

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(*I was given an ecopy of Dreamer by the author. I'm not a paid reviewer. All thought are my own.*)

On Goodread's I had given Dreamer the 5 star filler rating but my actual rating of this on is 4.5 star. Now For the reason for the rating :)

Dreamer is told in the POV of the two main characters, Anna and Liam. The chapters go back and forth between the two. Which of course I enjoyed extremely! I always love see two side to a story in one book. The reasoning for the 4.5 star rating is probably the first few chapters of the book. I wish that there was more detail that brought Anna and Liam together. It seem to jump the span of a few months, with Anna and Liam being lab partners. I wish there just was a little more interaction between the two in the beginning. Although as the story picked up they were so sweet/cute/fun together. I enjoyed and connected well with the characters. Then the ending happens to be a cliffhanger, Lucky for us as the reader because even though there is a cliffhanger in Dreamer, the ending was cute and I was happy with it. However now I'm Dying to get my hands on the next book! As a debut novel for Nicole, I found Dreamer to be a fun, fast, simple read.

All in All I really enjoyed Dreamer and will definitely see this series through to the end! Would I recommend this book/series to others? Why YES, Yes I will! So everyone know this is a Must Read!!

About The Author

Writing has, and will likely always be, an escape. In my younger days, I used writing to get as far away from reality as I could. Problem is, when you build your own worlds, you tend to prefer them over the one you end up living in most of your life. Needless to say, my quick escape to what should've been a vacation home has grown to be a lot more than that.

The world I've built for the Dreamerbound series is something most authors hope for. It started as an idea that took on a  mind of its own, and through the help of my dreams, I've been able to plot an entire series from one very simple thought:

What if our dreams were mirrored by real life events?

That question had me scribbling in my notebook well after bedtime, and I still had no idea how big things were about to get. The problem with responding to one question is that you almost always end up with even more questions you can't possibly answer.

The reason behind the dreams was simple--someone is controlling them. But who? Why? And how in the world are they able to do it without being seen?

So I wrote some more, finished a first draft and tucked it away for over a year. I figured I'd just open it up, edit it and put it online after that, but when I was reading over what I'd written I realized the story was too short. That said, all the information I wanted to include was also too much for one book.

And that's how a short novella turned into a series that I'm still trying to write.

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  1. Brenna, thank you so much for having me and for the review. I know we already spoke about this through email but, for those just reading the blog now, Watcher will be releasing mid-December.

    I'm trying to keep the releases close together so folks won't have to bite their nails for too long :)

    Thank you so much for the opportunity and taking the time to review Dreamer.

    1. Keeping the books close together is a wonderful idea! I was going to write that the next book was going to be out soon, I must have forgot. Thanks for dropping by to read my review :)


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