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{Super Tale-Spinners} [Review] I LOVE MY HEALED HEART (Omnibus Edition) by SABRINA LACEY

Title: I Love My Healed Heart (Omnibus Part 1-4)
Author: Sabrina Lacey
Published Date: September 2,2013
Genre: Erotic Romance 

Synposis via Goodreads
I Love My... Omnibus Edition brings you all four of Jessica's books, in a single volume. It's for those of you who wanna dive in and read the whole steamy story now. 

I Love My Healed Heart contains, respectively: David Sucks (bonus story: the days of the actual breakup) - I Love My Breakup - I Love My Office Fling - I Love My Freak Out - I Love My Destiny 

When David cheated on me, it sent my whole world crashing down, and by "my whole world," I mean ME.

But sometimes the best thing for us, is horrible crushing heartbreak. I wish it didn't have to be that way, but that's what happened to me. 

What I thought was the worst thing that's ever happened... turned out to be the absolutely, most amazingly, best. 

This is my story of how I learned to trust myself again,

xx, Jessica

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(* I review a ecopy from the author in exchange for an honest review*)

I Love My Healed Heart is an Omnibus Edition of the I Love My Series. There are four parts to the story and the Omnibus version even has bonus material that your wont find in the stand alone parts. I find I very much like having the Omnibus because once I started part one I was HOOKED!! I quickly needed to start part two and so on.. it was nice being able to have them all in one easy accessible book.

I found this book to be a refreshing erotic romance. Not like some other one I read where it's main focus was just the sex. This story actually had a story line and it was a good one.. don't get me wrong there was still some HOT HOT HOT Scene worth the reading too.( like the bathroom scene with Jessica and James..holy hotness and also Jessica dream scene was pretty steamy too) I just really liked the fact that there was an actual story to hold my interest! Jessica's story was wonderful and after everything that happened she found the right guy in the end. I hope to see more with Jessica and her one true love as either main character or side character in the next up coming books. I can't wait to read more from Sabrina.

All in all I Love My Healed Heart was a fun, fast pace enjoyably read that will have you smiling at the end! I would recommend it if you are into Erotic Romance. 

About the Author

Sabrina Lacey lived in New York for a time and fell in love with the city - inspiring the "I Love My" series based on the famous "I Love New York" motto.

She currently lives in LA where she enjoys writing sexy stories for women who enjoy a little funny with their... fun. And she loves incorporating what she's learned about relationships to hopefully put the spark back in her reader's relationships...or make the already existing spark, a flame.

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