Monday, February 22, 2016


Hey all!! I hope I have some of you still following me and since its a new year I'm going to revamp my blog and come up with new ideas for people to interact and have a place to come and share their thoughts or to make it a place where y'all would love to come visit! I'm also going to be more of a diverse blog and have more post about books, hobbies  and how to keep life fun and positive!

Now to get this rolling I'm going to come up with a questionnaire and see what you as my followers like and don't like!! So I will share that on my blog, facebook and Twitter once I get it up!

Thanks again for staying with me for so long and I'm hoping together we can get more followers this year. It will help me in my goals in reaching a good fan base!

I also will be starting a YouTube channel with my munchkins and will probably post them on this blog. So if you can like those videos once they are up I would really appreciate it!!

Love you all, stay true stay you!!